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November 2007



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Nov. 10th, 2007

(no subject)

You Are an Afternoon Person

You can find energy any time of the day ... or night!
You prefer to be out and about when most other people are.
Very early mornings or very late nights aren't really your thing.
You're practically solar powered, and the afternoon is when do best.
Are You a Morning Person or Night Person?

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves.

You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?

You want to be with someone who's a success. A person with the right job, right family, right clothes...

In fights, you are able to walk away and calm down. You are able to weather the storm.

Break-ups can be painful for you, but you never show it. You hold your head high.

You Are a Witch (or Warlock)

You are deviously brilliant and a perfect manipulator.
You somehow always end up getting what you want - without anyone knowing you're working behind the scenes.
Crafty and cunning, you can work your way out of any jam.
And it's easy for you to get people to do what you want, whether you're working for good or evil.

Your greatest power: Mind control

Your greatest weakness: Making people your puppets

You play well with: Ghosts

You Are a Feminine Beauty!

You make any guy feel like a man, simply by standing next to him
You have a classic womanly appeal - and you've got a look for every occasion
This doesn't mean that you can't kick back in (designer) jeans and sneakers
You just prefer to be girly and sweet as often as possible

You Have Many Alpha Tendencies

You're not a total alpha female, but you certainly know how to - and like to - get your way.
You're forceful without being intimidating. You're confident without being vain. A perfect mix.

What Your Favorite Color Pink Says About You:

Blissful --- Content --- Romantic
Idealistic --- Expressive --- Artistic
Funny --- Quirky --- Individualistic

Sep. 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

I loooove this weekend!! <3

Fall out boy concert! :D Chicosi was front act. We had soo many attempts to go to the front but there were like lots of bouncers blocking our way and telling us to go back to our seats. Once we entered, Chicosi was playing so we ran to the front and we were like at the foot of the stage. After like two songs, the bouncers came and told us to go back and Miguel (the vocalist) was like, "aww come on guys! They were being nice". But then we had no choice. Nicole was like the bravest amongst all of us, I swear. She was like, "no guys! We're staying here!!" And she was like the last to get back to our seats cause I think she was still fighting the bouncers hahahaha.

On our other attempts to get to the front, we were being squished and couldn't breathe @_@ got stuck in the moshpit. My beaded bracelet broke as I was pulling my arm out of the crowd. Oh and there was this time when we were stuck and I was struggling to get out so I pulled Pat Leab out of the crowd with me to this vacant seat. Then the girl beside us was like, "Excuse me!! Someone's sitting there!!" then pat goes, "yeahh sorry, we're just trying to get back to our seats" then the girl starts calling her brother, screaming, "Kuyaa! Kuyyya they got your seat!!" :| So we were trying na talaga to leave cause despite the mob. As we were leaving her big bro comes and goes, "Why, what did they do to you huh???" then he turns to us and goes, "Fuck you!" hahaha. gosh. big deal! We said sorry na nga eh. And it's not like we were actually gonna steal their seats we're not stupid :)) hahaha.

Our last attempt was when Pete told us to go in front so we did.. but then the bouncers were still blocking us. So again, we got squished and there was this dumbass guy who kept raising his arms and exposing his body odor. GROSS MAN!! We were like pushing him away and Irene, Garbo and I were like stuck there. eeehk.

The concert was short but I had a great time! I was screaming and headbanging and Pat was getting mad at me 'cause we still have Chorale and Mulan but I didn't give a shit at that time so I was still screaming and this little kid in front of Nav was so kawawa. She wasn't enjoying, she was like grade 5, I think and she was covering her ears and staring at Garbs and I when we'd scream and sing out of tune. It's a miracle that I still have my voice now, Thank God! I would've failed the quartets hahaha. Oh and FOB even sang "don't matter" :)) it was so cute. Gahd I feel so bad for not bringing my camera!! Sucks. I already brought it but then I left it in the car cause I was scared it'd get confiscated or I wouldn't be able to hide it properly. I should've listened to Garbs and Steffi! They said to hide it in my pants or shirt or something. Yun pala when I got there, EVERYONE had cameras. arggh. Ohwell, I had fun anyway. :)) Lucky Nicole, she was at the foot of the stage the whooole time! She got through all the bouncers. Ahh that brave girl @_@ hahah. Irene got a pick :( I wanted the drumstick! :))

After the concert, Garbs went to the after party in Alchemy, sina Irene went home na so I went to Taco Bell with Biazon, Jessa and Kris 'til around 12.

The next daayyy, (yesterday) I went to candy fair with trishakrisjessaclaudecheng. Trish, Kris and I arrived earlier so we entered the fair and found it quite boring.. Plus there were no cute guys so we decided to go to Serendra and we ate in Sonja's :D Then met up with sina jessa and went to fully booked, camwhored, went around Boni High, met up with Ina for a while.. Claude wanted to go to the candy fair so badly already so Trisha, Cheng and Jessa went with him and Kris and I followed after Ina left and after going around :))

When we got there, Sam Concepcion performed and Calla Lilly was there and the cast of HSM. Claude found a hot girl but wasn't able to sum up the courage to come up to her and ask for her number. :| we were waiting for the longest time for him to make a move! But nooo, Jessa ended up being the one asking for HER number. Hay nako, sad :)) We finally left and went around again and had an early dinner in Italianni's. We texted the girl but she never replied. hahahah! poor claude! 'yan kasi eh! His excuse was like, "I'm scared of rejection!" so I said, "so you're just gonna keep depending on your friends to get you a new girl?" and he goes, "... no.." I wonder if the girl gave Jessa the right number. =))

Trish told Claude to have them picked up already since it was already 7pm so he called his driver.. but his driver's injured and couldn't pick them up. So he said they'll all take a taxi and that he'd pay for it since Cheng and Jessa spent 500 on the taxi on their trip going there and they didn't have any more money left 'cause of dinner. Then they realize their money isn't enough.. Claude only had a hundred bucks and he didn't even eat dinner, Trish and I had to share with him. haay. So I took them to the bus station in EDSA so that they could ride one bus going to alabang and not have to spend so much for taxi or ride several jeepneys that'd make it a hassle. We waited a while 'til my driver got them a bus and Jessa and Trish were so scared. Oh wait I forgot to mention Kris left earlier :)) she wouldn't have commuted anyway. I really needed to piss but I didnt wanna leave them at the station O_O =)) so.. at like, 7:50, my driver was able to get them a bus, only it wasn't airconditioned....

theee eenndd.

Aug. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Okay, I'm supposed to be asleep right now but after looking at all those pics, I just had the urge to blog, although this is gonna be pretty short.

Had a party here yesterday at home. It was fun, and I'm glad a lot of people were able to make it despite the bad, inconsistent, unpredictable, annoying weather. It rained during that day, but only in the afternoon. Thank god it didn't rain so hard during the party so it wasn't brown out or anything. Contis catered for us and their service was great! loved the presentation and the food and everything. First ones to arrive were Jessie, Isa, Kamille, Marielle then Garbo and Ina and sina Jessie were fooling around with my YM :| hahhaha! Garbs and I kept laughing! anyway then we just went downstairs to camwhore and waited for other people

Theennn we had dinner and Paulo, Jaime and Trish did the worm game. (find worms in a bowl of milo powder using only your mouth). We also had hot shots haha but not everyone ate. aww. Twister was so fun! I think we played 6-player twister or something hahaha. =)) we were all so tangled up and everything that after the game, we'd go on top of either jaime or karl or miguel (forgot who were the ones exactly). Funny pics!! I'll post in multiply once I get garbs and kris'. I only have 21 pics from my cam! garbs has 600 :O haha.

Ohh I opened my gifts coz they told me to. IT WAS SOO LAUGHTRIP!!! I swear. =)) I think the first one i opened was the joint one from Tags Luis Miguel and Jaime. It was a box with a DORA THE EXPLORER tshirt FOR BABIES (no, im not kidding) I laughed like hell and screamed putangina once I saw it hahaha. then the box also had a roll of stickers and a comb :| haha. Diego's gift was sooo cute and funny =)) it was a vibrating SHEEP that sang BABABLACKSHEEP and it was a white sheep and it was so labo and funny coz yeah, it vibrates =)) i love it dude. Jaime! Jaime's gift was funny too. =)) so he MADE a box.. then wrote me a letter expressing how much he'd wish me luck with womanhood (or something between those lines) and that I may find my true heart's desire =)) Guess what were his gifts.. inside the box: I love manila wallet, guitar pick, HELLO PANDA which tags ended up eating later on and MIGHTY BOND! my gahd. MIGHTY BONDDD.. and he wishes those gifts would help me thru womanhood. Lok gave me a bracelet and when I thanked him for it he was like, "yeah no prob. that was only worth 25 centavos" and i was like shit i feel so bad now =)) haha coz last year, for his birthday, I wrote "dear lok happy birthday love steph" on a 25 centavo coin and gave it to him as a present =)) hahaahah. OKAY so here's what my bespren Jeo gave me...

It was a shoebox wrapped in GODKNOWSHOWMANY layers of newspaper. It took me so long to unwrap it, i felt like giving up and when I got to the shoe box and opened it, there was trash scattered around and a note saying, "nope, its not a shoe". Then I found this cylinder tootsie roll case thingy with a note saying "its not candy either! buksan mo pa!" Inside it was a RING CASE as in parang pang wedding ring =)) then I open it and it had a message haha then there was a plastic inside and when I saw what it contained, I screamed, "ITS A FUCKING GUITAR PICK!!!!!!!" =)) thankgod my parents didnt hear me hahahaha. That totally kicked ass, man. Oh and yaay I got cheesecake with my name on it from Irene. wahahhaah :D Thank you Trish for the bikini and the usual expected long letter and Marianne for the compilation of letters. PPG wooot! And Thanks Kams and Isa for the CD and Jey and Marielle for the two books! Sooo cute, love them :))

Hmm what else... so yeah, twister, poker, shots, pusoy (Im soo sorry i barely got to play with you guys!!) the rest of the night was just talking and camwhoring and "dancing" (imma take you home with meee!! oohhhhh ohh!! =)) love the actions) aaanndd.. TRUTORDER! yeaahh we played truth or dare for like an hour and a half or something! haha so fun :)) reveallaaaatiions @_@ oowhh and people shared worms too ;)) heeheeee.

OK so I'm gonna sleep now @_@; gonna study pa tomorrow/later :O

Aug. 8th, 2007

(no subject)

Blog about palawan: (I wrote it down on my notebook. It's pretty messy cause I'd write before going to bed :)))
Aug 4, Saturday
- Arrived in Puerto Princesa, Palawan at 10am.
- Wasnt able to join my cousins and sibs on their island hopping coz it started at 8am and they were here since Friday.
- Fell asleep in the hotel while "studying" histo
- Left the hotel and had a city tour at 1:30. It ended at 5, I went with my parents. We went to this museum then visited Iwahig Prisint. Its this place where prisoners worked (farmed, made souveiners, etc) instead of staying in those isolated, lonely, cramped up city jails. It was probably even better than having to beg around the streets of manila.
- We also went to the butterfly garden and the crocodile farm where I actually got to carry/hold a baby crocodile! Visiting that place has totally changed my perspective of crocs. Crocodiles are soo cool.. I want a baby crocodile :)) they're so cute. The tour was okay, but it was probably nothing like the island hopping they had. I liked the pics, I wish I had gone with them instead XD Oh well, at least I got to hold a croc o-o
- When we got back to the hotel, my cousins/relatives were back na rin. So we hung out in sina Tito D's room, my dad and I played power pusoy and I won!! 5-3. hahaah.
- We went to a sushi bar for dinner. This band played and we all enjoyed their music. I loved the band! 2 on guitar, one on beatbox/cajon and back up, two lead singers (girl and guy) On their second set, they asked Zach (Kuya Kit's roomie from the states whom he brought) to sing. After he sang two John Mayer songs, I went up to sing "Someday we'll know" with the band too. :D

Aug 5, Sunday
- Woke up at 6:30 (slept at 12 X_x), had breakfast and headed for the underground river, two hours by car so I took a nap.
- The place smelled like BAT PISS. :| We waited a while before getting into the boat (2 boats, one with 8 and the other with 7)
- The cave was awesome @_@ Our tour guide was so corny… (“our favorite food here is batchoy”) There were bats everywhere and the ceiling was soooo high. When we turned off our lamps, it was really dark.. pitch black, reeked with the smell of bat piss and it was cold. The rock/limestone formations kickass! I’m too lazy to expound :)) sorry
- We probably spent an hour in that 8km wide cave but we only covered 2km. We had lunch in the place outside the cave and there were a lot of monkeys.. One even swiped the bananas off our table! :))
- Took a boat going back to Sabang (the place where the vans were). We still had time so we swam in the beach till 3pm. I loved the beach! The sand was fine, not rocky or anything and the waves were enjoyable but the water was too salty.
- Went back to the hotel and I was supposed to study but I fell asleep!!
- We went to this place called “Kinabutchs”. Karen Davila, this local celebrity from ABS was there. She was challenging people (esp foreigners) to eat worms. Since she was friends with Ate Pat, Ate Pat went up to her and said hi and asked what she was doing so Karen made her eat worms o_o; We weren’t there to see it but she eventually came to our table and we were all planning to do it together. I wanted to do it for the sake of being on TV wahahhaa but my sister said she would do it if we weren’t on TV haha. Anyway, when she arrived at our table, Enzo wanted to eat the worms first. He’s my nephew who’s only 7 years old. I guess he did it for the publicity. He ate two worms and wanted to eat all the others! Haha. Next up was Zach, since he was the foreigner and all. Last was Ate Joy cause we didn’t have time to do the rest of us. We were like 15 kasi and Karen had to go to the other tables. Haha, oh well at least I’m gonna be in the background =)) LOL. Besides, the thought of eating worms WAS gross..  I wouldn’t have done it if my cousins hadn’t convinced me and made fun of me for not being the only one in the group not up for it haha.
- The next day, we left Palawan at 10am. Awww.  I enjoyed our trip so much, I wish we had stayed longer. But nooo I was absent pa for school and I missed Ms. K’s birthday D: Can’t wait for our next beach trip! But I’m sure it wouldn’t be anytime soon since its rainy season.

Annd because its starting to rain, there was no school today! :O wahahah. Yay, more time to finish up our requirements! First thing I did was my Histo report. Then I went to Glorietta with my bro, Zach and my parents to have lunch and buy stuff from Natio for my chapbook. They were going to PCA to play tennis and badmin so I just went home after Glo to continue studying and stuff. Took a nap from 3-4, played guitar, went online at 6 and found out that there’s no classes tomorrow!
Stuff to do:
+ Chapbook --> I haven’t started :( I’m going to redo everything since my first one sucked
+ Lit Journal --> it’s so nakakatamad……
+ Math take home quiz --> I HATE GRAPHING waaahhhh.
+ Compo persuasive essay

Jul. 28th, 2007

(no subject)

The weather is SO WEIRD!!!!!

First, dark clouds appear then it gets reallly cold.. then in some parts of merville, there's sun. Then thunder and lighting start to come.. and then rain. O_O haaay. global warming. Wasn't able to walk for a long time pa naman around merville. I was in dire need of exercise. :(

Wehhh.. this weekend's kinda boring. :)) People have been acting gay lately.. yeah. just saying. I'm bored!! I wanna go outside but it's raining again. I'll just put random stuff.

I cant wait till tomorrow. Finally gonna be able to watch The Simpsons.
I want to go out with the barkada next friday or saturday. We haven't gone out in a long time and... yeah.
I dont know when to do the confession thing. Do we have to accompany the person ba?
I dont know when because I'm going to Palawan on the fourth since my bro and my cousin are arriving from states. It's rainy season so it doesnt sound so convenient, but I'm excited :))
I'm planning to ask Monica Lee if its okay to practice for music in her house on Tuesday.
I think I better start with my chapbook. But I think we're still gonna write more poems. gaahh how many pages should I use X_O
I wanted to laugh while I was taking the MTG test. :)) It was hard and funny. Don't ask me why. I wanted to laugh when it said, "What is the thousands place in eleven raised to the 86th power?" I left alot of blanks but its not like I had intentions of getting in.I was just curious.
My teeth hurt because of the bands :(
We've got 3 longtests next week: Math, Rel and Fil. I'll start studying tonight.
I gotta finish "Dear John" since Lianne's borrowing it after and she already lent me her Twilight
I miss History ... sure.

Jun. 8th, 2007

(no subject)

June 6 '07

went to town with trishakrisgarbslokpaulocarlorenanleo
watched "meet the robinsons" --> cute movie!! labo ng mickey mouse part though hahaha.
went to music one after
watched them eat stuff in BK =))
wasn't able to go to cuenca for "the surprise"
how dare you even think that?

June 7 '07

she had this seminar for work in tagaytay so we surprised her by going there and taking her out to lunch in this fine dining place and she was really touched.
going there, my dad was sooo corny :| k so he drives on the shoulder of the highway then he points to this sign that said something like, "Driving on the shoulder is not allowed. fine: 510php" then i said, "o, then why are we doing it?" then he was like, "so that when someone asks me how my day was, I'll say 'fined'" ......
moooooving on.. so there. we picked her up from work and she got surprised that we were there haha then they were making me kwento about the snake in my sister's room.. her room kasi is in the den, downstairs. When she saw it, it was blocking the door of her room so she couldn't get out and she couldn't really see what it was. So she jumped on her bed and called dad and told him that there was a snake but she wasn't sure if it was a snake or the black bracelet she owned =)) turns out it WAS a small black snake. :|:| eeek. I wonder how it got there >_< So now she started sleeping in the room beside mine :))

Then I went to stardev. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I scraped my knee when I slid onstage for my solo. Gaahh it still hurts. :| but it's healing na haha. I told teacher nikki about how everyone had a crush on Jaymie.. and Justin :)) then I told her that I felt bad coz I got off-key in some parts then she said it wasn't my fault.. the sound system of Insular Life was bad.. She's right, I couldn't really hear myself, it's like the bass was too loud and we didn't exactly blend.
Had guitar for two hours. Teacher Nikki told me that I need and electric guitar/plugged acoustic coz I'm not a beginner anymore daw. And teacher Ry was convincing me to save up for it. He brought his Fender and effects again and we were jamming the whole time @_@ damn, I want one already.. hahaha. But I think I gotta use my money din for this one coz I want a good quality Fender that'd last long and.. yeah :)) Maybe I'll ask my parents to pitch in and buy me effects :D or I'll wait for my birthday. yeah.. hahaha.
Then Teacher Ryan and I watched part two of our recital on vid. oh oh and coz teacher nikki was rehersing with this violinist, guitarist and teacher Hazel (drums teacher) for this wedding on saturday. Then the guitarist showed us a video that they made.. in one part, there was a GHOST. O_O as in seryoso.. it had hands and a body and they said that it really was a ghost because there was no glass in the studio where they shot it or the video cam person didn't move or anything.. pucha it was so scary.. they maximized the video and we all saw it O_O gaahd. we all got goosebumps and left sabay-sabay. ahhaha. scaryy.

Sooo today I was supposed to go to Cuenca with everyone else and go to WR to buy uniform but dad has another tennis tournament and mom's outta the country so no one can accompany. Then teacher txted me, I have voice pala today since she can't teach me on Sat coz of the wedding. :)) ukeee I'll go naww.

I swear, I dont wanna go to school yet. :( ITS NEXT WEEK ALREADY GUYS.

Jun. 7th, 2007

(no subject)

JUNE 5 ’07.

We had to be in Insular Life Makati at 1pm for our last run through. Got there on time, went around, practiced with NO aircon nor fan.. It was super hot, good thing I didn’t put on make up before rehersals or it would’ve just melted haha. Oh and something happened during our run through.. the curtain ALMOST fell on us when we were performing.. K as in we just suddenly heard this snap.. then part of the curtain got broken. Yeah. So scary. I think that’s why we didn’t use the curtains during the show (or did we? I didn’t notice) And another problem was, the make-up artist my mom hired wasn’t able to make it. Couline and I were supposed to have our make-up done but Couline’s mom did it for her instead.. and I had to wait for my mom who was stuck in traffic. So I was outside the auditorium, acting all frustrated and stuff because it was almost open house and my mom wasn’t there yet. Then, I saw this guy in white.. took me seconds to realize it was actually karl O_O he came early so early coz alabang people said they’d leave there at 6 so he was there at 6:30.. haha. So there mom came and I had to leave him but sina Jey came early din.

First number was Seasons of Love. No wait, Lupang Hinirang then seasons hahaha. Part one was pretty much the kids and the beginners. From behind the curtain, I could see my friends in the left front side of the stage, laughing at “William hung” and singing along to “mary had a little lamb” and acting all O_O Good thing my parents didn’t really notice (not that they talked to me about it or anything) even if they were behind my friends. Theeenn I played “Hawak Kamay” on guitar for Yuka’s solo… and theenn Sway.

bottomline: guys <3 Jaymie (Jeo.. number one PATAY NA PATAY kay Jaymie. Haha)
girls <3 Justin. (HE IS SOOO HOT!!!! :X:X best violinist evverrrr…)

“Out Tonight”.. I was really Ganado/game to perform this song seeing everyone there. And because of my anxiousness, I think I didn’t do very well with my singing. I mean, the total performance was okay, but I got piyuk in some parts.. I don’t wanna mention na or remember. Basta, the important thing was that I enjoyed and I did my best and I was really happy that my friends and family were there. :D Thank you, Trisha,Garbo,Kristen,Karl,Lok,Joey,Tags,Jessie,Isa,Kams,Marielle,Marga,Jeo,Karen for your support. I’m glad you had fun despite the THREE-HOUR performance.. Gosh, I got sooo hungry after. Hahaha. Then, went to MarketMarket after although Karl had to leave na. The original plan was to eat in Conti’s in Serendra but it was closed. K so yeah we just ate in Gerry’s Grill then had cupcakes in Sonja’s for dessert. Ok I didn’t detail my blog much and it doesn’t seem so appealing but to me, that night was one of the best ever. I’m still in a hang-over up to now.

And hell, I’m gonna miss all the recitalists. Even if Paeng is sooo sooooo kulit and isip-bata. And well, add in Jaybee to the kulit list… K hahaha ahwhatever. It’s a love-hate relationship :))

Gonna miss..

Hanging out with couline, making chikka, talking about random stuff, ordering KFC and waiting soo loonng for the delivery, her mom sharing/making us libre HUGE pandesals, Christoph’s NAKAKALOKA laugh, the CHONG sisters.. (CHOIR).. uber kakulitan ng apat na toh!! Haha., the stardev hottie of the summer (we all know who this is.. no, not jaymie.. j--- j—jaybee?? /:) naaaaaah. =))), kilig moments (im telling you, he just passes by and we’re all hdiaoshdaosihdas oidhaso idha sdiosoidhsdo) hahaha., Teacher Nikki’s admirable patience (seryoso, I don’t think I can handle everyone’s kakulitan.. I loobbbb teacher Nikki >:D< and shoot, I still owe her a gift), Sway—ing (pasok na, PAENG and Jaybee!), Teacher JEFF and his CHUVA-ness.. I forgot to mention that his pants ripped before the recital.. and the hole was sa may inner thigh hahaha, staying in the studio till gahd-knows-what-time from god-knows-whattime, helping teacher nikki out with computer stuff :>:>, BAND practice with teacherryanteacherhazeljaybeegiosuzette, jamming with jaybee………

And the list goes on. I can’t wait for next summer, and I CANNOT believe school is actually starting NEXT WEEK already. L( waaaaah. I don’t wanna go to school yet.

SORRY for the messy blog. I’m sleepy na hahaha. Byebyeeeee.

May. 26th, 2007

(no subject)

OK I haven’t blogged in such a long time. I was about to open my Xanga to do so but noooo the electricity fluctuated so I got disconnected ~_~

I’m gonna be hella busy next week.. We have rehersals for our recital everyday and I bet its gonna last the whoollleee day because I have to learn other songs for guitar like Girlfriend and Who Said. Teacher Ryan wasn’t given the copy of the CD yet so he can’t make it kapa and teach me yet.. so yeah @_@ looks like I’m gonna be busy until June 5. Oh and four of us (Couline, Jaymie, Ate Amor and I) are going to do another PCD song so we have to do the steps and have our costumes made and stuff.. Looks like we’re cramming this year @__@ I hope everything goes well and I hope I can execute “Out Tonight” properly :-S *praying emoticon* :))

I've been dying to upload pics already!! gaaahhhhh. Ever since our comp got reformatted, I couldnt upload na coz I cant find the Kodak CD.. and I'm just planning to buy that USB thing where you could just plug in your MMC. Whoever knows where to get that or how much it costs, pleaaase IM or txt me :D I think Diana has one coz we used it for our photobooth during family day.

So anyway, last thursday, went to Rockwell with kamsjeyisamarielle. Dapat 'kada gimmik but Trish got sick. ano ba yan, last time we went to Rockwell, di ka rin nakapunta :)) OP tuloy ako.. FASHIONWISE, I mean. Everyone had black/grey/red/brown on their attire and i was all pinkbluepurplewhite =)) ahhaha.

K first we went to Press to have lunch.. I asked them to make me kwento about Pirates 1 && 2 since I didnt watch both :| Medyo malabo yung pagkaexplain ni Isa sooo... I accidentaly dipped the cheesestick in the vinegar =)) =)) soooper laughtrip moment hahahah I got so red daw @__@ amp babaw :))

Ethen we went to the bathroom and camwhored there while waiting for the movie to start XD We were even taking pictures using the SHREK 3 poster as a prop.. ahauhauh. funny ng pics.. I wanna upload na waaaah. Then blahblhabalha we stayed in Fully Booked coz di pa nagstastart ung movie.. Jey noticed this couple making out in the Chicklit section but we didnt get to see it :|:| aww =)) hahaha.

The movie was sooooooo long @_@ I was totally spacing out ahhahaah. sorry ah!! I dont really get it eh. Pero it's nice.. i mean.. whatever =)) 3 hours and a half ung movie.. I was freezing already pare!! Tapos since nagspaspace-out na rin ako, I ended up texting nalang in some parts whahauahuah. ohwell whatever at least I get it a biiit. o__o di ko naman kasi masyado type ung mga ganun movies.. I didnt even watch 300 :))

Then there we just went around, shopped for stuff.. I bought a new cellphone keychain. Kams found a princess one for me. It lights up when I receive a message haha \:D/ It was going to be six-thirty na so I was torn between watching T1-B's (rep.. sina Dre, Mica, Iz, etc) play and staying with the kada to look for something I could wear for the pictorials.. I finally decided to just go to GB and watch their play, which started at 7:30 pa pala.. Kala ko 7 amf X_X anyway, at least I was able to get a good seat. Ang loner ko ahhaha. But seriously, I really did enjoy their play @__@ all of you guys were soooo galeng na!! Para nang professionals and I really noticed that you guys put so much effort on that play. It's "Broadway Treasures" nga pala so there isn't exactly a story line but you'll enjoy all the songs from different broadways like Evita, Cats, Little Shop of Horrors, etcetc. I can't wait to join rep next year. But I swear I have to improve in dancing :|:|:|:| wehhhnk. All of them were soo galiinnng even if they were only about 16 students. @__@ di ko ata kaya ahuhauha. ohwell bahala na next year pa naman \m/ I bet I'm gonna be even busier if I join next year.. everyday rehersals and Dre said they practice from 1-6 if they have to. onooez when'll I be able to go out if that's the case? :O Aww I havent even been with sina Trisha and Garbo since... :-? *shrugs* haha.. Anywayz Trisha's recital's gonna be on June 1.. mine on June 5! :)) I hope you guys watch :))

Today naman, we had pictorials for our souvenier for the recital. Weee saya hahaaha. daming arte poses and stuff.. feeling ANTM with Couline haaahha. and and finally, a cute guy >:) kaso violin student, hindi voice.. awww duet sana kami =)) wahhahaha. Ethen Jaybee kinda taught me drums. He's so galing naa @__@ wee. hahaha.

Oh and I just came from the dentist and made a big mistake.. I chose purple and pink without knowing that my ortho was gonna use purple as a continuous chain for my upper :| so now it looks like there's UBE stuck to my teeth or a big purple blob.. I was thinking of going back pa nga to have it changed eh but Couline said it was okay and Teacher Nikki said it was cute.

Tha'sall for now :))

May. 12th, 2007

(no subject)

Gwaahh I havent blogged in such a loong time :( haha. oh from my last post, I was complaining about my fear of not being allowed to the sleepover but we had it na.

And I went to YFC. which changed me. @_@ It made me feel complete and now I'm closer to God. I try to go to mass everyday. haha. And I listen to praise music which isn't bad at all. :P I experienced alot from camp. At first, I didnt know anyone ergo I didnt talk much. So Ate Lyka thought the reason to that was because I spoke english and everyone else tagalog. O_o yeaahh. But in the end, everyone was sooo nice and friendly. I loove my group.. celebrity edition hahaha and my faci, Ate Jaime. :D Btw, during our whole stay, we didnt know the time @_@ and they confiscated our cellphones and other unnecessary items. NO mirror for three days :O and taking a bath time was sooo short considering that we were 50++ people with only two bathrooms and limited time. There was even a time when I wasn't able to take a bath coz it was already lights out :| so i was only able to wash my arms and legs amp. Another time, had to wash my hair in the sink. soyeaah. but it was fun anyway. daming games and activities. :D Ok i'm being redundant but yeah. I cried during the talks and the sharings and the one-on-ones :) One thing I wont forget is during the last day, when they were awarding the teams, I got shocked when they mentioned my name. I won "best in spelling" and i was like, 'waahht? O__o" un pala it was coz of the game the night before when I had to spell my name with my butt =)) I didnt wanna do that of course, but it was for my team. I didnt wanna let them down. and in the end, we won BEST TEAM :D :D whahaha. we had the least members but we were the most cooperative :P

Anyway, that's just a bit of kwento from the camp. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention the other stuff that happend. You guys should jooiinn! You'll see what I'm talking about. haha. If I'm active this year, I'll recruit people for the multinational chapter >:] and I'll be your faci :D haha. Ahwell bahala na @_@

Yesterdayy was the booommb. Woke up at 5:30 'cause I hadta pick up mi barkada in Marielle's house. Then we headed to Tita Agnes' in blueridge to have our forum. She moderated us and everything went well :D I'm so glad we did this, you guys. :) I'm looking forward to next year. I hope that by some twisted fate, we all end up in the same class. And that we all abide by the rules so as to achieve what we all want.. unity, willingness to bond, no awkward silences, stronger bond, complete trust. :)
"Best barkada ever!" --Jey. <3

So after the forum (which took about 4 hours or so), they took me to Stardev with the Starex because the Safari, albeit its exemption from color-coding, isn't allowed to enter makati. Unfourtunately, when we got to makati, the aircon didnt wanna work :| it was working but it excreted warm air WTH???? :|:|:| ampp. Now I see why mom wants to change that car already. X_x but if we get a new one, I want another starex or a fortuner.. or any vehicle that can contain 8 people. Heck, it's convenient for roadtrips with the barkada, right? and as everyone in our group knows, I'm always the taga-hatid-sundo when we go somewhere out of the Alabang vicinity. :P rooiit? haha. Going back, when I got to stardev, AIRCOONN! hahhaha. I'm soo sorry for the busted aircon on your way back to where you got the Safari. It was traffic and you were dying coz of the sweat daw? Sorryyy! >.>

After stardev, I went back home to take a bath and wait for Tita Nini to pick me up. Tita Nini (Janina Veloso's mom), Maita, Steffi, Aina and I ate in Chelsea, Serendra. Daamnn we got sooo full! especially Aina! haha she kept ranting on about how her day was FOODFILLED. :)) Krispy Kreme daw let her make her own donuts for free.. and she kept eating the whole day.. and then, we saw Juday. As in, Judy Ann Santos =)) It went something like this:
Tita Nini: That girl looks like Juday
Aina: no, tita it's not. --> siyempre taga ABS kasi eh!! (she enrolled in ABS theater workshop)
Me: IT IS!!
Tita Nini: Kaya pala that other girl looks like her mom eh
=)) =)) ohgooshh.

So over dinner, we ended up talking about artistas and stuff. Well, mostly them since I barely knew anyone O_O I knew some.... but not all. Si Aina talaga, grabe. Basta pag artista ang usapan, kadaldalan to the max! hahaha starstruck na starstruck. And we kept looking at Juday's table. She got so thin! She was with her family. Later on, Ryan Agoncillo came. He got dark O_O And I like them 'cause they were so simple. Hindi sila epal or sungit unlike Heart (no offence :|) Pati ung pananamit, casual lang :)) We wanted a pic talaga! But then they were busy eating, kakahiya naman. As we were eating, we saw Christian Bautista and Rachelle Ann pass by. Christian's so gwapo pala IRL @_@ whahaha. and I dont like Rachelle, she looked so snooty. XP

After eating, we crossed the street to Bonifacio high @_@ I swear, I loove that place! Especially at night :D Gimmik tayo dun! haha. So we went around and spent most of our time in CLUB PRINCESS. My new favorite store. It's soo cuuute hahaha. I wanna live there @_@ :)) joke. Tita Nini bought all four of us rings! hahaha. And I got a crown and pink hoop earrings :] As usual, camwhore nanaman.. then we went to Hobbes.
Aina: Steph, Steph! Come here.. *drags me* I think that's Anne!!
Me: OMG!! Maita!!
Maita: what? What?! :O
Me: *whispers* its anne curtis!! @_@
Maita: OMGOMGOGM!! WHERE! --> =))
Ethen Aina, Steffi, me and maita made pa-picture with her. nyahaha. Steffi and I had the good pics. Maita told me that Anne kept staring at my crown daw =)) LOL tapos in Aina's pic, she wasnt looking at the cam coz she was looking at my crown. wahahha. Maita naman, kawawa kasi she had a picture nga with her but she accidentally deleted it because when she saw Sam Milby, she was in a hurry to make pa-picture with him. =)) awww. ok lang yan. photoshop nlng =)) wahahaha.

Then we followed them outside.. they were walking and then Steffi was going to take a picture of their backs so nagkaflash then Anne looked behind so we ran away kaagad =)) And as we were runniiing...
Me: Sam Turingan?!
Aina: SAM!! *hug*
Wahaha! we saw saammyyy! (old rep classmate) So we asked her where Dre (her sis) was. Then there! Sam didn't go pala to rep this year because she has her own show :O :O lucky kid! she earns 3,800php per shoot! or something like that. I think 7k per week, not sure. Then I told her that she was so lucky coz she gets to shop then she goes, "it's okay i'll make you guys libre" hahaha! aww sweet kid :X :D so there, after a while we had to leave na 'cause it was already 10:30am. Maita and Aina continued being starstruck in the car while Steffi and I were just playing it cool B-) yeaahh.

TODAY. I went to Asian with my family to visit Ate Inds because she has goiter D: please pray for her. :D We were just in her room, talking about stuff. Everyone was laughing when Tito D was making kwento about my dad. When they were kids daw, they loved climbing trees. So one time, Dad told my brother, "This is how you climb a tree!" (sabay nahulog) =)) even funnier, it wasNT a tree. it was a PLANT. =)) whahaha. gosh.
Then another time, they were jumping from branch to branch. My dad was like, "That's so easy!!" so he closes his eyes and jumps from one branch.. then he falls. =)) nakoo! hahaha. nagmana ata ako dun eh! XP Then this nurse enters the room and my tito goes, "Asan ung psych ward? *sabay turo sa dad ko*" =)) loooll.


Ahhhhh tomorrow's mother's day na @_@ I haffta buy "for one more day" (mitch albom) and a cake for mom. haha. seeyahh.

May. 1st, 2007

(no subject)

damnit. The Guess thing was moved to June. ARGGHH It was supposed to be for the whole month of May. That's why nga I cancelled my trip to states and I'm even supposed to be in rurals tomorrow but nooo. *sigh* medyo too late na ata. ANNND about the sleepover in Marielle's, I asked my parents kanina, and they said they'll still think about it. WTF. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

sucks. I barely even go out anymore! And another weird thing is that wehn I woke up this morning, I checked my phone and I had 2 new messages. Then I was cleaning my inbox. I deleted the kit messages without reading them coz they were already read and I thought they were the ones from yday pa. Then I was wondering why there was a read message from brols eh I know that I deleted those na yesterday. anglaboo! I think my mom snooped thru my phone. :|:| But they never do that!! my parents always gimme my privacy. Gaaad. X__X My brother visited.. he stayed over night and we had a heart to heart from like 11pm-1am hahaha! We talked about random stuff :)) Anyway, it couldn't have been my brother O_O amppp I dont knoooeee. :( I just wanna be allowed to go to that sleep over.

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